Suzuki teases new Adventure-Tourer

June 15 2011

For some time now Suzuki Canada and the global Suzuki website have been running a teaser campaign for their new – yet to be released – mid-size adventure-touring machine. The sketched outlines and blurred photos of the bike that are presented in a slideshow are an advertising tactic meant to generate interest – we get that. However, the British version of the web campaign has gone from teasing to taunting. Visitors to the UK website are told that details of the new bike will be released on an upcoming date. Of course when that date actually arrives the site has been updated with another upcoming release date. The virtual chain-yanking hasn’t made any fans here and we’ve since deleted the UK version from our favourites list.


Sales tactics aside, the upcoming bike is likely to be a replacement for the aging V-Strom 650. The teaser images reveal that it will be remarkably similar in its overall design, but they also suggest that the new bike may have a more off-road serious 21 in. front wheel. If it’s been given a small boost in its displacement, the new Suzuki would also enter the 800 cc war currently being contested by BMW and Triumph. We can’t wait.

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