Burning Down the House

July 8 2011

According to a report filed by an Ohio newspaper, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle was responsible for burning down a house this morning. While the image of a fire breathing Harley does sound intriguing, the story’s lack of concise details leaves a lot to the imagination and has the makings of an all-new urban legend.


In the newspaper story, a Carlisle, Ohio man recounted how he had attempted to start his Harley in his garage, which resulted in the machine backfiring and spraying gas over some cardboard boxes. Apparently, the momentary backfire resulted in a fire and the man, who was described as being in his mid-sixties, immediately escaped the scene with his two dogs and then called the fire department.


The local police chief estimated that the fire had caused a total loss of the house.


The story doesn’t mention how a backfiring motorcycle could have caused such a calamity. In particular, there weren’t any details regarding the condition the motorcycle, the type of exhaust system it was fitted with, or why the Harley owner was incapable of dealing with what initially would have been a very small fire. We’re sure that the Carlisle fire department are as curious as we are and will be thoroughly investigating the incident.

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