Edelweiss expands its presence in the Virtual World

July 11 2011

International motorcycle touring specialists Edelweiss Bike Travel have launched a new website that offers customers a more socially connected experience.


Although the primary focus of the new Edelweiss website is to provide customers with more up to date information on tours and travel news, it has also ventured into the world of social networking and now it’s easier than ever for those who take an Edelweiss tour to share their experiences with family, friends and other riders around the world.


By visiting Edelweiss’ official blog site at www.worldtourer.com, you can now follow anyone who happens to currently be on an Edelweiss tour. It’s a fantastic resource, not only for those who want to keep tabs on someone they know as they partake in their Edelweiss adventure, but also for those who are considering taking a tour in the future and want to read about the experiences of others. The information presented in the blogs is diverse and unique to each tour, so it also makes an interesting read for armchair travellers who enjoy living vicariously through the travels of others.


At Edelweiss’ Facebook page (www.facebook.com/edelweissbike) riders and prospective riders can interact with Edelweiss, share travel experiences, get information from the tour organizer, or poll someone who has previously taken a tour.  
Edelweiss also encourages participants of their tours to share images of their trip by setting up their own Flickr (www.flickr.com) page and adding their tour code to the tag field of every uploaded image. Doing so automatically links the image to the Edelweiss website and serves as a visual resource for others to enjoy. Similarly, adding the tour code to the tag field of a video that has been uploaded to a YouTube (www.youtube.com) account will also link a video to the Edelweiss homepage.


For more information on Edelweiss’ expanded internet offerings, please visit their website at www.edelweissbike.com.

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