Controversial Commercial pulled by Nissan Canada

September 23 2011

A controversial commercial that was being run by Nissan Canada to promote a sport-cute utility vehicle has recently been pulled from the internet after it enraged motorcyclists internationally.


Best described as a what-were-you-thinking moment, Nissan Canada decided to run the contentious internet-only ad on their YouTube channel. However, the promotional material backfired when it caught the attention of motorcycle riders from around the world. Outraged, many contacted Nissan directly and the company was forced to reconsider the ethics of its marketing strategy.


It’s difficult to comprehend how anyone at Nissan could have given such a commercial a green light. The animated video portrays motorcyclists preying on a terrified woman, and then follows with Nissan’s Juke being used as a tool of violent retribution as it hunts down and runs over the evil motorcyclists.


Under the heel of public pressure, Nissan Canada’s Consumer Relations department offered an apology and promised to remove the ad. “We at Nissan Canada wish to advise you that the advertising campaign featuring fantasy-inspired digital videos was created exclusively for online audiences, to showcase the unique design and performance of the Nissan Juke,” formed a part of the official explanation. Running over motorcycles to showcase a car’s unique design is at the very least a questionable way to promote any product. Nissan continued, “the clips were purposefully created in a supernatural setting so as not to draw on the reality of careless driving and its consequences, which Nissan would in no way wish to promote.”



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