Better than Bratwurst: The 2012 BMW S1000RR

October 21 2011

BMW officially announced the details of its next generation S1000RR today, only two years after the initial introduction of its first Superbike to the world.


It’s difficult to comprehend that motorcycle manufacturers continue to improve on their cutting-edge machines, especially when you consider that the performance capabilities of theses motorcycles exceeded the abilities of average riders many years ago. Regardless, BMW has revisited the S1000RR and used the information gathered from two years of World Superbike racing to modify their flagship sport bike. The target, according to BMW, was to build a sport bike that provides “greater riding precision, agility, and a punchier power buildup.”


A look at the BMW Superbike s1000rrUnchanged from the 2011 model is the engine that propels the 202 kg sport bike. Rated by BMW at 193 hp, the powerful power plant does receive a new electronics package that is said to have an optimized torque curve for improved ridability. Three, instead of two, performance curves are also now available, with one each for Rain and Sport modes, and another for Race and Slick modes. Power output for Rain mode has been changed to 163 hp, but to achieve BMW’s goal of improving throttle sensitivity, the angle of the throttle’s grip has been tightened and its twisting force reduced.



The S1000RR’s suspension and geometry were also updated for 2012 to enhance its handling and feedback. The fork now features a new internal structure for improved damping characteristics, and the steering head angle, swing arm pivot, fork projection, and spring strut length have all been changed to improve steering. Rounding off the list of chassis changes is the addition of a ten-way adjustable steering damper.


Front view of the BMW S1000RR Already a supercomputer, the bike’s instrument now provides greater functionality. The engine speed display is easier to read, the lap timer can now let a rider know when a best lap is in progress, and be programmed to warn when the bike has reached a specific speed. In addition, the LCD can now be dimmed.






Rear suspension and tire of the BMW S1000RR

Also altered for next year’s model is the design of its body work; the tail section is leaner, the asymmetrical side panels were redesigned to include two aerodynamic winglets and the airbox cover has been opened on the sides with grills. Of course the easiest way to change a bike is to give it a different paint job, so the 2012 S1000RR will be available in four finishes: Racing Red and Alpine White, Blue Fire, Sapphire Black Metallic, and in BMW’s Motorrad Motorsport colors.




Blue BMW S1000RR Superbike Rounding off the list of changes is the incorporation of a smaller secondary ratio to boost thrust, the refinement of its existing Race ABS and Dynamic Traction Control systems, the replacement of the rider heel plates and the relocation of the exhaust’s catalytic converter to eliminate the need for a heat shield.


Canadian pricing for the 2012 BMW S1000RR, along with which colours will be available here, will be made available in mid-December by BMW Canada.

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