Financial Shares of Yamaha Canada heads South

October 6 2011

Yamaha Motor Company announced yesterday that it has decided to transfer all financial shares of Yamaha Motor Canada to its United States based subsidiary. The decision will give Yamaha Motor U.S.A. full financial responsibility for all of North America, and means that it will be providing financial reports for all of Yamaha’s North American operations, a similar set-up to those of Yamaha Europe, Yamaha South America and Yamaha Asia.


The transfer of shares is scheduled to be completed by December 31, 2011; what effect this move will have on Canadian consumers is not immediately apparent. However, Yamaha Canada claims that the financial restructuring will not impact its organizational structure and that it will remain independently responsible for Canadian dealers and customers. Yamaha Canada also stated that the change is part of an on-going business reform for Yamaha that wanted to simplify the reporting of its North American operations.


Along with Yamaha Canada, Yamaha U.S.A.’s portfolio also includes nine other subsidiaries such as Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America, Skeeter Products, and Tennessee Water Craft.

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