McMotorcycle: Over 124 Million Served

October 21 2011

Global demand for motorcycles that use internal combustion engines will increase by 7 percent annually through to 2015 and reach an annual production of 124 million units, according to a recent report by the The Freedonia Group, a business research company that is based in the United States.


The report also claimed that the projected increase reflects an expected rebound by American, European and Japanese manufacturers and a stronger demand from buyers in third-world countries.  Freedonia stated that revenue from the increase in sales will amount to USD$67 billion annually by 2015 as global markets return to economic health.


Most surprising about the Freedonia report is their claim that the number of electric motorcycles being built will increase to 85 million units annually by 2015. Apparently electric motorcycles already dominate the Chinese market, which absorbs a staggering 93 percent of all motorcycles being built.


Of interest to North Americans, the Cleveland based firm also stated that sales in Canada and the United States will be very strong over the next three years and that those two countries in particular will regain a portion of the sales that were lost during the recent economic downturn.

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