Ten Most Memorable Feature Bikes

Story by Jacob McFarlan and Glenn Roberts//
December 1 2011

Over the years we have come across many very cool bikes, and we have carefully selected one to grace our centrespread in all of our previous 58 issues. Unfortunately, we couldn’t recap them all here and, really, why would we want to? This is our tenth anniversary issue, so it seems only fitting that we pick our favourite 10. But selecting only 10 was a tough job.

I’m sure there will be those who disagree with our choices, partly because custom bikes are unique and appealing to different people for a variety of reasons. There will be those who prefer only American V-Twins, and they will never understand why we chose a supercharged, nitrous-burning Yamaha FJ1200, or a pristine RD350 that looks better than the day it was ridden out of the showroom.

The following motorcycles were all chosen on the bikes’ merits. Take the XS650 in this collection, for instance. The only original thing on this bike is the engine and a couple of frame pieces. An ordinary guy like you and me created everything else in a small garage, with little more than an idea and technical aptitude. This 650 was quite an undertaking, and he did a magnificent job.

I hope you enjoy our selections as much as we enjoyed choosing them from our archives. For full summaries on these featured bikes, pick up the December issue on stands now. And to make sure you get the full story in future issues, subscribe today!


Ol’ School Johnny Cool September/October 2005 issue

Streetfighter RD350 September/October 2006 issue

Rovad March/April 2010 issue

Warbird November/December 2008 issue

Master Deluxe January/February 2007 issue

Nortorious September/October 2007 issue

Bajo Paseo July 2010 issue

Boot’s Bike Winter 2004/2005 issue

Commando 750 March/April 2006 issue

Black Sunshine Summer ’04 issue


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