$1.2 Million in 90 Minutes

February 24 2012

Not exactly Gone in 60 Seconds, but close. At the recent 2012 Dealer Expo in Indianapolis, 150 motorcycles were auctioned off in an astounding 90 minutes, generating $1.2 million (USD) in the process. 

The Dealer Expo at Indianapolis, which encompasses the American V-Twin Dealer Show, is an annual industry-only event that introduces North American motorcycle dealers to international manufacturers of motorcycle parts, accessories and riding gear. The Saturday afternoon auction of pre-owned motorcycles was just a small part of the massive three day expo and highlighted the continuing importance of used bike sales for motorcycle dealers.

The auctioned motorcycles sold for an average $8,400 (USD), not exactly the sort of pricing you would expect for rare and collectible machines, which these weren’t. The top three bikes based on their selling price consisted of a 2008 Honda GoldWing trike ($27,750 USD), a 2010 Harley-Davidson CVO Ultra Classic Electra Glide ($25,200 USD), and a 2011 Harley-Davidson Street Glide ($20,200 USD).

Mojo staffers Roger Parsons and Uwe Wachtendorf were in attendance, but under direct orders from their personal financiers to leave their bidding cards in the hotel room. Restricted from participating in the motorcycle auction, the pair concentrated on the job at hand, which was to source new and exciting items for the 2012 riding season.

Parsons, at least, did not return to the office empty handed – or rather, empty headed. Drawn to a helmet emblazoned with the Union Jack, he was disappointed to find out that it didn’t fit. “Nonsense, it just needs a little help,” Wachtendorf said as he pressed down on the helmet with both hands. “Cor blimey!” Parsons shouted, terrifying everyone within a fifty foot radius. After a frantic struggle lasting several minutes, the helmet remained firmly ensconced on the Parsons’ noggin.

The helmet manufacturer thought it was funny – the customs agent at the border less so. “Sir, I won’t ask you again to remove that helmet.” Concerned Mojo readers will be happy to know that the prognosis is positive and that the team of highly competent surgeons will attempt the removal of the Union Jack later this evening. “We don’t expect any complications from the procedure and expect that we won’t leave so much as a mark,” commented the head surgeon. “And we’ll do our best for the chap inside the helmet too.”

Parsons models the Union Jack; it wouldn’t turn out to be his finest hour.


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