Americade begins Fourth Decade

February 9 2012

Americade, which is claimed to be the world’s largest touring rally, is set to celebrate its 30th anniversary this year in Lake George, NY.

“I recall when I pitched a crazy idea to Robert Blais [the Mayor of Lake George] back in 1981 about organizing a large motorcycle rally in his community,” reflected Americade Founder Bill Dutcher. “He’d previously been the Chief of Police and there’d been some local issues with rowdy bikers including bar fights. After listening to my proposal he met with other community leaders and decided to give it a chance. Their confidence in our plans has been a success for all concerned, and as a result nearly a million motorcycling visitors have experienced the beauty of the Lake George region.”

Incredibly, Blais is still Lake George’s Mayor. First elected in 1971, he is one of the longest running Mayors in New York State. “The community and I love having Americade here because thousands of close friendships have been formed between Americaders and local residents,” commented Blais on the event’s upcoming anniversary. “Some have moved with their families here. Naturally, the business community is delighted because this event is a massive boost to the local economy. We’d love to host Americade for 30 more years.”

The 30th iteration of Americade will take place June 4 to 9, 2012. Located on the shores of the 51 km long Lake George, Americade 2012 will host over 65 events ranging from the new MiniTours to the new themed boat cruises. There’ll even be a Zip Line attraction for visitors to enjoy.

Also new this year is the social headquarter, Fort William Henry Resort, where stunt shows by former world trials champion Tommi Ahvala and a Pig Roast n’ Hoedown will be held. Americade 2012 will also feature demo rides from over a dozen motorcycle manufacturers (BMW, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Victory, Yamaha to name a few. Also returning will be the tradeshows in the Lake George Forum and at the Million Dollar Beach, which will feature new vendors as part of the expected 250-plus exhibitors.




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