High Wire Act goes Haywire

February 10 2012

A circus mishap has left two people injured according to a UPI report.

Described as a stunt that went terribly wrong, a motorcycle rider and a Shriner taking part in a Shrine Circus show in Saginaw, Michigan, were taken to hospital. Circus officials were quoted as saying stunt rider Josh Headford was attempting to cross Wendler Arena during his performance when he struck a guide wire that caused him and his motocross bike to fall 25 feet to the ground.

“He looked like he was going to do a flip or something, but he kept straight up and hit a wire,” a circus-goer said. “He came straight down and hit a clown on the way.”

Hitting a mime would have been fair game, but you should never mess with a clown. Headford broke his femur in the crash and Shriner Al Basner was hit in the face by the flying guide wire. Both are expected to recover from their injuries and resume their clowning around.

“Everyone was in shock,” circus director Craig Hatch said. Really? With a clown involved we would have expected everyone to think that it was all just a part of the act.

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