Victory in Victoria

March 30 2012

Motorcycle dealers in British Columbia are more than a little miffed over a recent announcement from the Victoria Police Department that they have decided to take their business elsewhere.

Victoria Police Inspector Andy Lacon informed local press of the police department’s decision to award Victory Police Motorcycles of Tucson, Arizona with a contract worth close to $300,000. The deal with the American company includes the purchase of ten specially equipped Victory motorcycles, a multiyear warranty package, training, and the application of paint and decals for each bike. Apparently, Victory Police Motorcycles was one of five companies that were involved in the bidding for the contract.

Lacon is in charge of the Victoria Police’s “focused enforcement team,” which oversees the use of motorcycles as part of its policing activities. Local dealers were justifiably annoyed that their Police department chose to spend its money outside of the country when they were capable of fulfilling the contract, a decision that would have kept the funds within British Columbia’s economy.

The tender process stipulated that bidding for the contract couldn’t be limited to Victoria-area suppliers; however, its wording did specify that the service work for the motorcycles had to performed locally. Victory Police Motorcycles have stated that a local dealer would be trained to work on its small fleet of bikes, but that service provider has not yet been announced.

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