One More Lap

April 11 2012

Edelweiss Bike Travel is doing it again. Despite its almost unimaginable scope and the level of commitment required by its participants, Edelweiss has begun preparations to take a small group of hardcore motorcycle adventurers on another complete lap of the world.

The motorcycle tour operator, which specializes in taking travellers on guided trips, started its first ever around-the-world trip (RTW) on November 21, 2010. The completed 64,000 kilometre circumnavigation of the planet had wound its way through 6 continents and 30 countries. In total 31 riders participated in the adventure although not all rode the entire distance; some riders chose the available option of only riding certain sections of the tour.

Feedback from the first Edelweiss world trip was so positive and interest in the spectacular event so good, it was decided to reprise the tour with one that the company claims will be even more dramatic in its duration and distance.

The next RTW tour will be broken into eight sections, which as before gives travellers the option of only participating in a portion of the trip. The route through North America, Central America, South America, Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe will include many of rest days, which will allow the adventurers to experience the unique cultures and environments they will encounter in each region they pass through.

The Edelweiss “Discover our Earth Expedition” will cover some 72,000 kilometres and take 300 days to complete. Edelweiss openly asks if the idea “sounds crazy.” Yes, it does. We think it’s nuttier than a bag of trail mix, but we also love it. And in what has to be the biggest understatement in recent history, Edelweiss also warns those interested that “you should not be in a hurry while on this motorcycle expedition.”

We’re not certain about the dates for the upcoming expedition, but it appears that it will be run in 2013, so you still have some time to plan for the adventure. What we do know is that the trip will start in Los Angeles and that the first section takes riders to New York City. Detailed information about the global tour is available online at the Edelweiss website. Oh, and if you do end up going, don’t forget to drop your friends at Mojo a postcard.


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