Orange Crush

April 10 2012

Schuberth unveiled a new colour option today for Canadians interested in its C3 range of flip-up helmets. The new Hi-Viz Orange lid is sure to be a instant success; on a more personal note, we think the new colour will be an ideal fit for the riders in our office who are virtual pylons out on the road.

“We decided to bring in the Hi-Viz Orange C3 because our Hi-Viz Yellow helmet was such a hit,” commented Sarah Schilke of Schuberth North America. She also added that Schuberth had noted a steady increase in the use of high-visibility orange material in motorcycle apparel. Schilke also pointed out something we were already thinking, that the colour is especially popular with KTM riders in Europe.

The Hi-Viz Orange C3’s eye-catching brightness certainly makes it stand out, which is a feature that will endear it to safety-oriented riders who realise all too well that motorcyclists are practically invisible to car drivers in traffic.

We reviewed Schuberth’s C3 modular helmet in the January 2012 issue of Motorcycle Mojo and were impressed by its comfort and performance. The light weight helmet, which is available in sizes S to XXXL, is claimed to be the quietest and most aerodynamic flip-up on the market. Its $799 retail price includes a 5-Year Warranty, a 3-Year Service Plan, and Schuberth’s Mobility Program, which is a form of helmet insurance that reduces the cost of a replacement helmet in the event of a crash.

More information about the Hi-Viz Orange C3, including a list of Schuberth dealer locations, can be found at its North American website.

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