RCMP Targets Whistler

April 30 2012

A Whistler newspaper reported that during a two-hour period on April 20, the RCMP issued 29 speeding tickets on Highway 99 south of the ski resort, including one to a motorcyclist who was caught traveling 70 km/h over the posted limit. 

According to the RCMP, there were so many people speeding that they could only target those that were exceeding the speed limit by at least 30 km/h. “With one person operating the laser and three people writing tickets, we had our hands full,” Staff Sgt. Steve LeClair was quoted as saying.

Located near the entrance to Whistler Olympic Park, the speed trap clocked a motorcycle doing 152 km/h in the 80 km/h zone. LeClair commented that the rider was issued a $483 ticket and his motorcycle was impounded for seven days.

The rider, who produced an Ontario driver’s licence, must have felt lucky. Back in cash-crazy Ontario, riding 50 km/hr over the limit is considered to be stunt driving and racing, an infraction that penalizes riders with 6 demerit points, an immediate 7 day licence suspension and vehicle impoundment (and up to a 2 year additional licence suspension upon conviction), and a fine that ranges between $2,000 and $10,000.

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