Spring Recalls

April 12 2012

Spring has sprung and to celebrate the dusting off and tuning of our equipment for another riding season, we’re providing Can-Am, Kawasaki, and Suzuki owners with details of the latest safety recalls.

To start, we have Transport Canada Recall #2012126 that specifies a safety issue affecting certain 2010 Can-Am Spyder RT roadsters. Apparently, the pin that secures the brake pedal connecting rod can disengage and fall off, which would lead to an immediate butt clenching moment during which you try to stop your roadster without any brakes. The 1,352 owners affected by the recall can have the brake pedal connector rod pin replaced by any Can-Am dealer. We’re thinking this isn’t one of those recalls that you should ignore.

Kawasaki Canada has a number of models listed in their Transport Canada Recall #2012098. Owners of 2012 Ninja 250R, Ninja 400R, Ninja 650, ER-6N, and Versys 650 models should be aware that some of these motorcycles might experience the loss of the passenger footpeg pivot pin circlip.

The recall notice warns that the footpeg can then separate itself from the bike and become a projectile, which potentially can end up “striking another vehicle, a stationary object, or a bystander, causing property damage and/or personal injury.” No mention was made of also potentially losing your passenger or the strapped on luggage that was secured to the peg. Exactly 437 units are affected by this recall for which Kawasaki dealers will replace the footpeg pivot pin circlips.

Another Kawasaki recall (Transport Canada Recall #2012086) pertains to electrical issues with 1,347 of the manufacturer’s sport bikes. Two Ninja models are affected: 2008 – 2010 ZX-10Rs and 2009 – 2011 ZX-6Rs.

The recall states that on certain Ninjas, the voltage regulator can overheat and cause an uncontrolled current output, which in turn won’t sufficiently charge the battery. A flat battery can cause engine stalling and/or the inability to start it in the first place. Scotty at Transport Canada says that “engine stalling would result in lost vehicle propulsion.” He goes on to warn that depending on the riding conditions and a rider’s reaction, a sudden loss of forward motion could result in a crash. Kawasaki dealers will replace the bad voltage regulator in your bike’s warp drive.

And finally, American Suzuki Motor Corp. has recalled certain 2012 Burgman scooters (AN400 and AN650 models) and V-Strom 650 motorcycles (DL650). Around 1,400 units manufactured prior to Dec. 17, 2011were affected.

The reported problem involves the lever-mounted brake light actuating switch, which can potentially fail to operate and would prevent the brake lights from illuminating when the scooter or motorcycle is braking. Not good a good situation when you have an 18-wheeler bearing down on you. With respect to the Burgman models, a failure of the switch would also prevent the scooter from starting.

The American recall doesn’t have a Canadian counterpart – yet – and the problem might not apply to models imported into Canada. However, cross-border shoppers should be made aware of the issue.

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