Cardo introduces the Scala Rider G9

May 8 2012

Cardo Systems, a market leader in Bluetooth communications for motorcyclists, has made public the Scala Rider G9. Billed as the most advanced communication system for motorcycle helmets, the G9 takes wireless, bike-to-bike interaction to another level by allowing up to eight riders and passengers to converse up to a maximum distance of 1.6 km.

The G9 system lets a rider talk to two friends simultaneously with the unit in the intercom mode. However, by using the new One+8 Intercom Toggling Mode, a rider can also call up fellow G9 riders by a voice command and toggle back and forth between eight other users. Click-to-Link, another unique Cardo feature, lets users make a spontaneous connection with any Scala Rider G9 or G4 user within range.

Along with its various intercom capabilities, the G9 also allows wireless access to mobile phones, GPS units and MP3 players.

Many of the new unit’s functions can be controlled by voice command for a safe, hands-free operation. Its phone functions include the initiation and receiving of phone calls, and when paired to a GPS unit, it can receive riding directions and connectivity status announcements. A priority management system allows riders to automatically disconnect from the intercom or music to receive incoming phone calls or GPS instructions.

The G9 uses the A2DP Bluetooth protocol, which means that music from compatible cell phones and MP3 players can be wirelessly streamed to your helmet in stereo. A cable connection is included for older MP3 players and riders also have the option of listening to the G9’s built-in FM radio.

The compact headset will install on most helmets in minutes and is certified to meet IP67 dustproof and waterproof standards. The Scala Rider G9’s software is upgradable to ensure that owners can take advantage of the latest available technical features. Technical specifications for the G9 claim that it will provide up to 12 hours of talk time and seven days of standby time. A full charge of the unit can be completed within three hours, and every G9 is said to be compatible with Cardo’s entire line of Scala Rider communication units (some limitations may apply).

Adding a social element to their new product, the manufacturer has created the Cardo Community web platform, which gives G9 users an online venue to name tag their G9 unit, invite friends for a ride, plan tours, meet up with fellow riders, and customize the Scala Rider G9 to enhance social networking.

The Scala Rider G9 is now available through retail outlets; locations and pricing information can be found at

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