British Sticky Buns

June 1 2012

Avon Tyres officially stepped into the competitive high-performance ring with the launch of its new 3D tire range, available in Ultra Sport, Supersport and Xtreme compounds.

The 3D Ultra Sport is a high performance street tire that uses Avon’s Triple Extrusion (TE) compound, which consists of a hard-wearing rubber in the center of the tire to increase mileage, a softer Super-Rich Silica (SRS) material on its shoulders for improved grip, and a third type of rubber underneath that binds everything together to prevent overheating. The 3D Ultra Sport’s siping (grooves) improves stability and reduces flex while and a large footprint promises outstanding street handling.

The 3D Ultra Supersport offers all the benefits of the Ultra Sport, but provides superior performance on the track. Developed using a special race compound and 3D siping, this tire can easily transition between street and track use by offering maximum grip and precise handling at higher speeds in a variety of weather and pavement conditions.

The 3D Ultra Xtreme was formulated using a super-sticky race compound for ultra high-performance riding on the track. It reaches its optimum temperature quickly to deliver the best grip and stability required for precise handling in dry conditions and at high speeds. The tire’s large footprint is capable of solid handling at greater lean angles, harder turning, harder braking, and quicker acceleration.

Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America represents the British manufacturer in Canada and the United States. Avon, which is based in Melksham, England, has a century-long history of tire manufacturing and is distributed in Canada by Parts Canada.

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