Ducati Aftershock

June 13 2012

According to Ducati President and CEO Gabriele Del Torchio, production and shipping delays have become a possibility in the aftermath of the earthquake that rumbled through the Bologna region two weeks ago.

Even though the earthquake didn’t seriously damage Ducati’s main production facility, it did cause havoc for the manufacturer’s subcontractors. “The local industrial system from which Ducati sources unique components required to manufacture its motorcycles has been affected,” said Del Torchio. “Every day new tremors are registered, albeit luckily not as strong. In Borgo Panigale, higher magnitude tremors were clearly felt, fortunately without any damage to persons or property. We are still, however, on high alert.”

“Some of our colleagues who live in the worst-affected areas had their houses severely damaged or completely destroyed,” Del Torchio continued. “Our suppliers are going to great lengths to resume production in the shortest possible time; however, despite all our efforts and commitment, we could still experience some slowing down of our production.”

In response to the news out of Italy, Ducati North America stated that delays at the factory won’t necessarily create an issue for Ducati dealers and customers on this side of the Atlantic. The majority of the North American production run for this year has apparently already left Italy and is currently on route to Ducati’s American distribution center.

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