Founder of HOHS Dialysis Fund, Debbie Anderson, passes

November 6 2012

It is with sadness that we announce that Debbie Anderson, co-owner of the High Seas Rally and sole creator of the HOHS Dialysis Fund, passed away on Wednesday, Oct. 31. 

Debbie was an inspiration and her kindness and brilliant smile touched many. A non-smoker, she was nonetheless stricken two years ago by two rare forms of lung cancer. Doctors had given Debbie six months to live but her will and determination stretched that to two years.

The HOHS Dialysis Fund was created to allow kidney dialysis patients, who would normally have difficulty travelling because of the need to cleanse their blood two to four times a week, to participate in week-long ocean cruises. The Fund covers the necessary machines and medical staff needed to take care of the dialysis patients onboard.

HOHS cruises are run in conjunction with the High Seas Rally, which caters specifically to motorcycle riders. This year, High Seas Rally participants raised almost $300,000 towards the HOHS Dialysis Fund, bringing the total raised to more than $1.6 million since 2003.

Debbie’s last wish was to be on the 10th Anniversary High Seas Rally cruise, which left Port Canaveral, Florida on Oct. 28th, and it is where she spent her final moments.

In lieu of flowers or gifts, Dean Anderson has requested that a donation be made to the HOHS Dialysis Fund to help continue Debbie’s passion.

Our thoughts are with Dean, family and High Seas Rally staff.

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