Petition to allow single-occupant motorcycles in HOV lanes

November 11 2012

Former Toronto Star Wheels editor, Mark RIchardson, has introduced a petition to allow single-occupant motorcycles ride onto HOV lanes in Ontario.

Richardson, a motorcyclist, has launched a petition in the interest of easing congestion by encouraging those who commute to work by car or SUV but cannot carpool for logistical reasons, to leave their four wheelers at home and hop on their bikes.

Allowing single-occupant motorcycles in HOV lanes will also help alleviate downtown parking during the summer months. Richardson hopes that the petition will eventually lead to a change in the current laws regarding HOV lanes in Ontario, and allow motorcyclists to use HOV lanes regardless of if they are carrying a passenger or not.

The petition will be presented to the Minister of Transportation next spring, following a protest ride.

You can show your support by signing the petition here.

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