Barrie added to GS Challenge schedule

December 17 2012

One of three rounds of the BMW GS Challenge will be held in Barrie, ON for the first time since the event came to Canada in 2008.

The GS Challenge is a skill-testing competition specifically aimed at owners of GS-series motorcycles. There will be three GS Challenge events held in Canada next year and the winners of each of the events will go on to represent Team Canada in the 2014 GS Trophy.

Previous GS Challenge events were held in Alberta and Quebec. For 2013, Ontario has been added to the schedule and the event will take place on June 14-16 21 – 23 at the Horseshoe Resort, located in Barrie.

The event is hosted by Smart programs inc./Horseshoe Riding adventures, and on hand will be BMW GS instructor and Motorcycle Mojo contributor Clinton Smout.

This year’s GS Trophy took place in South America, where Team Canada finished in seventh place. Mojo’s off-road contributor, Lawrence Hacking attended as a media correspondent for Team Canada. You can read his story about the event in an upcoming issue of Motorcycle Mojo.

The location of the 2014 GS Trophy has not yet been determined but it has been confirmed that it will take place in the northern Hemisphere.

You can get more info at any BMW dealer or by clicking here.

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