Honda CTX700N and CTX700T announced

February 11 2013

Honda has just announced two new models, the CTX700N and CTX700T, both based around the NC700 twins introduced last year.

Both machines, slated as 2014 models, share chassis, steering geometry and the 670 cc liquid-cooled parallel twin introduced in the NC700s. Although engine output has not been released there’s no reason to believe it will differ from the 47 horsepower of the NC700. Chassis components seem to be shared with the NCs, though steering geometry is slightly different, the CTX models using 27.7 degrees of rake (0.7 degrees more rake than the NC) and 114 mm of trail (a 4 mm increase). Wheelbase is almost the same as the NC700S; at 1,529 it’s just 4 mm longer.

The CTX700N is the more cruiser-like of the two new models, with a small headlight nacelle giving it a front-end profile similar to the NC700S, and a rear end that shows hints of the DN-01. Footpegs are placed farther forward than on the NC700 models, and the handlebars pull back substantially, lending to the cruiser-like stance of the machine. Seat height is a low-slung 719 mm (28.3 in), 70 mm (2.8 in) lower than the NC700S and 110 mm (4.4 in) lower than the NC700X.

The CTX700T is more touring oriented and has a frame-mounted half-fairing that borrows some design elements the newly released Gold Wing F6B like the shorty windshield and side louvers.

Chassis dimensions are identical to the N model and like the N, fuel capacity is 12 litres, a two-litre decrease compared to the NC700 models. The reduced fuel capacity is most likely due to the lowered seat.

Like the NC models, the fuel tank is located below the seat, with the faux-tank containing a handy storage compartment. Pictures have been released of a CTX700T with hard saddlebags and a taller windscreen; these items will most likely be available as accessories when the bike eventually hits showrooms.

The emphasis of both the CTX700N and T models is on ease of operation, low fuel consumption and effortless handling. Since these new bikes share so much with the NC700 models, production costs will be very similar. Canadian models will have ABS as standard and will come with manual six-speed gearboxes. Other markets get non-ABS models, as well as Honda’s dual-clutch transmission as an option. Although pricing and a delivery time frame have not yet been announced, pricing should be similar to the NC models. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

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