International Female Ride Day, May 3

February 15 2013

If you’re a woman and you ride a motorcycle, fire it up on May 3rd and go for a ride on International Female Ride Day.

“Just ride!” That’s the motto for the worldwide event, which is open to all types of motorcycles, from scooters to touring bikes, and it is open to all women. This year will mark the seventh consecutive year event takes place.

Toronto-based entrepreneur and motorcyclist, Vicki Gray, founded the event in 2007 and it has since grown, with women from Australia, Canada, England, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Qatar, Russia and the United States taking part.

“It truly is a global phenomenon and I’m thrilled about reaching toward another summit of participation in 2013.” says Gray in a press release. Gray is also founder of Motoress, an online magazine catering specifically to women riders.

You can find out more at the International Female Ride Day Facebook page or you can join the Facebook group.

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