Harley-Davidson Breakout ridden

April 4 2013

Harley-Davidson introduces the new Softail Breakout and Motorcycle Mojo flies down to Daytona Beach to ride it.

Harley introduced the CVO Breakout late last year, and it featured  a 110 cubic-inch Twin Cam V-twin, a long, low-slung chassis with bobbed fenders and fat tires, and lots of chrome.

The Motor Company follows up with the regular-production Breakout, which retains  several of the CVO Breakout’s distinguishing features, like the fat, 130-series 21-inch front tire, the ultra-wide 240-series rear tire, a long wheelbase and a raked-out fork.

Styling is subdued compared to the CVO Breakout, though its blackout treatment gives it a more sinister presence. It also features the Twin Cam 103 V-twin, all factors contributing to a lower price. The Breakout starts at $20,329, almost $10,000 less than the CVO model.

Costa Mouzouris got to ride it during Bike Week at Daytona Beach, so look for a review in the June issue of Motorcycle Mojo.

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