Quebec to test loud pipes with sound meters

April 5 2013

Quebec’s Société de l’assurance automobile (SAAQ) mandates the use of sound meters to test for noisy motorcycle exhausts during a three-year pilot project.

With little fanfare or announcement, beginning April 1, traffic authorities in Quebec will be equipped with sound meters and will test any motorcycle pulled over and suspected of being excessively loud.

If a motorcycle is found to exceed 100 dB using a testing procedure detailed in French only on the SAAQ website, a ticket of between $100 and $200 will be issued. Should a rider refuse to have a motorcycle tested, a fine of $200 to $300 will be handed out.

According to a statement on the SAAQ website, “Excessive noise from exhaust systems on motorcycles, mopeds and motorized scooters can be a source of distraction for road users and disturb the peace and tranquility of residents.”

It also states that “Everyone’s cooperation is required,” and “operators must be respectful of others and avoid excessive and disruptive noise levels,” however only motorcyclists are targeted in this pilot project. Noisy cars and trucks are not subject to roadside sound checks.

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