Motorcycle Awareness Month

May 1 2013

May 1st marks the beginning of Motorcycle Awareness Month.

May marks the return of motorcycles to the streets in many provinces, and in some it is also the month with the highest number of motorcycle accidents.

Weather might be a factor in these increased numbers, but it’s most likely a combination of riders who have been out of practice due to winter, and automobile drivers not yet accustomed to seeing two wheelers on the road after several months of absence.

To bring awareness to motorcycle safety, May has been designated Motorcycle Awareness Month across North America. Various provinces and U.S. states mark the occasion with increased public service messages alerting drivers to the increased presence of motorcycles.

Various motorcycle associations also do their part by holding rallies that educate riders on the risks of riding and how to avoid them.

Do your part in May and throughout the riding season to reduce the risk by riding responsibly, keeping a safe distance between vehicles and using extra caution at intersections.

Automobile drivers can help by double-checking blind spots before changing lanes and being extra vigilant at intersections.

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