Transform your Rocket III into a 240-hp beast

May 22 2013

Carpenter Racing offers a performance package that boosts Triumph Rocket III output to 240 horsepower.

Because every proper gearhead needs one, Bob Carpenter, two-time NHRA Pro Stock motorcycle champion and owner of Carpenter Racing, is offering a power-boosting engine kit for the Triumph Rocket III.

The kit includes a ram-air intake, CNC-machined porting, a custom-ground camshaft and valve train, 11.4:1 pistons, a higher volume fuel pump, and a Carpenter megaphone exhaust system, and increases power from 146 hp at the crankshaft to about 240 at the rear wheel.

The performance package has been tested in the “Carpenter Rocket”, which posted a quarter-mile time of 8.99 sec. at 249 km/h at Atco Raceway Park in New Jersey. The bike also set AMA and FIM land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats with a speed of 281.6 km/h.

Once modified, the Rocket III is said to be “fully streetable for daily commuting”, great for riders who are in a big hurry to get to work.

Carpenter sells 2012 or 2013 Rocket IIIs with the package installed for $35,000 USD, or you can send your Rocket III to Carpenter and have the kit installed for $6,200 USD. If you prefer to have the work done on your own, you can mail-order the kit for $4,400 USD, though you’ll have to send Carpenter your stock cylinder head and cams in advance.

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