Ride a Ducati air bike for MotoGP access

July 19 2013

If you’ve played air drums and air guitar and you ride, now’s the time to ride your Ducati air bike.

airbike_visualDucati has launched a contest to give race fans a chance to watch a round of MotoGP.

The premise is simple: Record yourself riding a Ducati “air bike”, upload your video to YouTube, and then submit a link to your entry to the Ducati Air Bike Challenge microsite.

Contestants can choose which round they’d like to attend. Ten days before each remaining MotoGP round a winner will be selected and awarded tickets to the race, as well as paddock access.

Winners will be announced on the air bike microsite, as well as on ducati.com, the official Ducati Facebook page and on Ducati’s Twitter profile. Winners are responsible for travel to the races, food and lodging.

Be creative, involve your friends and make some noise to increase your chances to win.

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