Max Mercier Foundation offers free Dion Device to racers

August 25 2013

The Max Mercier Foundation will be handing out Dion Device brake lever guards to all racers registered in the final RACE event of the season.

jake 2The Dion Device is a special guard developed by Stephane Dion that prevents the front brake from being applied accidentally if contact is made with another motorcycle during a race. This is a relatively common occurrence in road racing and the results are devastating, with motorcycles often flipping end over end.

The Max Mercier Foundation, in conjunction with Dion Device, will be handing out these lever guards for free to competitors of all classes during the season-ending round of the RACE Superseries regionals on Sept. 20-22.

Max Mercier, son of former Canadian road race champ Michel Mercier, died in 2005 during a race, after his brake lever made accidental contact with the machine of another competitor.

The lever guards handed out will be numbered and will have Max’s number 11 engraved on them. They will also be branded Max Guard instead of the usual Dion Device.

If you’re going to be competing in this season’s final RACE round, don’t forget to ask for your Dion Device.

More info about the device can be found at

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