Honda CTX1300T coming to Canada

November 6 2013

Honda introduced the V-four powered CTX1300T at EICMA, and it’s coming to Canada.

CTX1300-4Following in the footsteps of the CTX700T, with a long, low profile and frame-mounted fairing, Honda has introduced the larger CTX1300T.

Honda seems to be redefining the term cruiser, the heading under which this new CTX is classified at Honda Canada’s website. This bike looks more like a sport-touring machine than a cruiser, which should appeal to a larger audience.

One of its most prominent features is its transversely mounted V-four engine. This configuration is used in Honda’s ST1300 sport tourer, from which its five-speed engine is derived.

Claimed peak horsepower is just 83, though it will be a torquey engine, peaking at 78 lb-ft at just 4,500 rpm.

CTX1300-3-1The bike is equipped with traction control and combined ABS, and it also has a two-speaker sound system with smartphone and Bluetooth connectivity.

The fairing design is inspired by Honda’s Gold Wing FB6, with a low, sleek outline and shorty windscreen.¬†Perhaps Honda calls it a cruiser because of its ultra-low, cruiser-like seat height at just 735 mm.

One welcome, non-cruiser-like feature is the mid-mounted foot pegs, which will enhance the CTX1300T’s long-distance capability. It also comes standard with tour-friendly hard saddlebags.

Pricing has not yet been released, but you can keep tabs on Honda’s website here.

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