Honda CBR500RA Long Term Test

July 24 2014

Motorcycle Mojo Magazine will be spending some time with the 2014 Honda CBR500RA.

Our goal over the next month will be to evaluate the performance, quality and practicality of the Honda CBR500RA. I’ll be logging about 120 km per day on my commute to and from the Mojo Mansion, so I’m expecting it won’t be long before I’ve formulated an opinion of the midsized CBR. As you can see in the picture, our test bike is sporting the tri-colour livery of its larger siblings, and a decidedly “RR” styled set of fairings and wheels. It makes for quite an attractive¬†package, and best of all, the riding position is not “race-inspired.” ¬†Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates, and feel free to post your comments and questions.



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