Polaris Slingshot Details Released

July 27 2014

Polaris has taken the wraps off the new Slingshot.

Last week we brought you news of the new Polaris Slingshot, along with a few teaser video’s, but there was little else to report. Earlier today, Polaris took the wraps off of their new three-wheeler, and you can now get all of the specs, pricing and options at www.polaris.com/en-ca/slingshot. The new three-wheeled thrill machine makes claims of 1 g cornering abilities and a 2.4 L engine in a package that weighs under 770 kg. At the moment, there is no date for the Canadian release of the vehicle and the website makes the following statement “We are currently in the process of finalizing provincial approval to sell SLINGSHOT in Canada. Unfortunately we cannot provide an exact date as to when we will have our approval, but we are working diligently to have this complete as soon as possible.” We’ll let you know as soon as Canadian availability is made public.

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