Polaris to launch road going three wheeler

July 23 2014

Polaris will launch the Slingshot, a three-wheeled, street-legal vehicle on July 27th.

The Y-frame three wheeler market is currently the domain of Can-Am and Campagna Motors, both of which are Canadian companies. American-owned Polaris Industries will join the Y-frame three-wheeler market with a vehicle called the Slingshot.

Not much has been divulged to date, but from some teaser videos we can see it is a two-seater, steering-wheel operated roadster with two front wheels and a single belt-driven rear wheel.

The Slingshot seems closer in concept to the Campagna V13R than the Can-Am Spider, as it seats two occupants side-by-side in car-like seats, rather than atop a motorcycle-like saddle like on the Spyder.

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