Special edition ZX-14 celebrates 30 years of the Ninja

July 14 2014

Kawasaki will offer a very limited number of special edition ZX-14Rs to celebrate the Ninja’s 30th anniversary.

When Kawasaki introduced the Ninja 900 in 1984, company stakeholders probably didn’t know that the Ninja name would come to represent all of Kawasaki’s highest-performance motorcycles.

To celebrate 30 years of Ninja sport bikes, Kawasaki has introduced the 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Ninja ZX-14R. It will be a very limited edition, with on 30 available in Canada.

The limited edition ZX-14 will feature a red and dark grey colour scheme inspired by the original Ninja 900. Other distinguishing features will include some gold anodized trim and a 30th anniversary emblem. Each one will include a number plate.

The 30th Anniversary ZX-14 is slated as a 2015 model, and it retails for $18,199, an increase of $1,200 over a standard ZX-14. You can reserve one online at kawasaki.ca.

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