WC Distributing Bringing Brammo and Lightning to Canada

August 20 2014

WC Distributing will be carrying both Brammo and Lightning Electric Motorcycles.

It wasn’t long ago that WC Distributing of Canada announced that they would be the Canadian distributor for Brammo electric motorcycles, and they have now released their official demo ride schedule. For the time being the route includes stops in western Canada only, and you can find all of the dates at ¬†www.wcdistributing.ca/index_files/Page328.html.

In related news, WC Distributing has announced that they will be importing the Lightning electric motorcycle brand as well. Their website doesn’t indicate when or where you’ll be able to get your hands on a Lightning, but we expect to see details emerging soon.

The Lightning LS-218 claims to be the worlds fastest production bike, and looked every bit the part at the 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb where it stomped all over the competition on it’s way to an overall victory in the motorcycle class. All that performance is going to come at a hefty price, and you know what they say about needing to ask how much it costs…let me help you out here; a base model Lightning retails for $38,888 in US funds with a 12 KWH battery. From there the bike is essentially custom built to your specs according to Lightning’s website, and there are options for up to 20 KWH worth of on-board battery power, so you can expect that price to climb significantly above the base model. The specs are quite staggering at any,¬†price and we can’t wait to get a ride on one. Anyone want to volunteer theirs for a test ride?

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