BMW GS Trophy in the books

September 16 2014

The 2014 edition of the BMW GS Trophy came to a close last weekend in Alberta.

It was an especially challenging GS Trophy for participants this year, for not only did they have to ride bigger and heavier R1200GS motorcycles (previous events were run on F800GS models), but they also had to deal with unseasonably cold and wet conditions.

Sixteen teams from 19 countries took part in this year’s GS Trophy, a biennial event that has in the past taken place in Tunisia, South Africa and South America. The Canadian Rockies provided a spectacular and particularly challenging backdrop for this year’s event.

Riders covered 2,300 km during the seven-day rally, and met various skill-testing challenges along the way. The included among other things, deep river crossings, rocky obstacles, physical challenges and even a riding exercise where riders had to negotiate a course while blindfolded.

The event was a huge success, with riders from around the globe enthralled by the beauty of the Canada’s western wilderness.

Team Central Eastern Europe won the 2014 edition of the GS Trophy, full results below.

1  CEEU                   276 pts
2  South Africa      227
3  France                 198
4  Argentina           182
5  USA                      174
6  Team Alps          160
7  Russia                 158
7  Latin America   158
9  Canada               153
10 Team UK          142
11 Germany          136
12 Mexico             125
13 Korea                124
14 Japan                120
15 Brazil                117
16 Italy                   116



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