BMW releases some 2015 models

September 30 2014

It’s INTERMOT time again and new bikes are being released daily. BMW has introduced a trio of all-new machines, including the R1200R, R1200RS and S1000RR.

BMW starts with the R1200RS sport bike, bringing back the RS nomenclature, which was introduced in 1976 with the R100RS. The new bike features BMW’s liquid-cooled boxer twin, introduced in the 2012 R1200GS.

The engine produces 125 horsepower and 92 lb.-ft. of peak torque. That power is controlled with BMS’s Automatic Stability Control (ACS), and with optional Riding mode Pro, comes with dynamic traction control that uses bank angle sensors to control wheel spin while turning.

The R1200RS uses a steel trellis frame, and BMW seems to be resorting to using a telescopic fork, though it will benefit from optional ESA for electronic adjustability.

The bike features a 3/4 fairing, a relaxed sporting riding position and keyless operation for convenience.


If you prefer a naked Boxer, there’s the new R1200R. This stylish roadster is also powered by a liquid-cooled, 1,170 cc boxer twin, and it has not been detuned, producing the same output as the R1200RS.

It’s based on the same chassis as the RS and will be available with the same options, including dynamic traction control and ESA.

Finally, for the high-performance crowd, there’s a redesigned S1000RR supersport machine. Because supersport bikes are mostly about power, the S1000RR claims 199 horsepower, an increase of 6 hp over the current model.


Claimed peak torque remains at 83 lb.-ft., but the torque spread is reportedly flatter and wider. Wet weight has been dropped by 4 kilos to 204 kg. A revised frame features tweaks in the steering geometry that improve traction and rider feedback.

All of the class-leading electronics return, including available dynamic traction control, race ABS and a feature formerly available on the high-spec HP4, Dynamic Damping Control. Two additional riding modes have been added to the existing Rain, Sport and Race modes: Slick and User, the former for operating slick tires, the latter rider configurable.

For the first time on a supersport machine, the S1000RR will be available with cruise control.

There’s no word yet when the new machines will be arriving in Canada, but Motorcycle Mojo Associate Editor Costa Mouzouris will be flying to Spain in mid-October to ride the new S1000RR, so stay tuned.

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