Kawasaki H2 Returns

September 3 2014

Kawasaki prepares to shock the world with the new Ninja H2.

It’s an exciting time for motorcyclists, as manufacturers prepare their 2015 models for debut. Factory staff are full of secrets that they can’t share with us moto journalist types, but they are kind enough to tempt us with morsels such as these two videos, in the hopes of building suspense leading up to the big reveal. Point in case, Kawasaki is poised to release a new, groundbreaking bike at the upcoming 2014 INTERMOT motorcycle show in Germany on September 30th. They claim it will change the motorcycle landscape forever! Well, they certainly set the bar when they decided to resurrect the H2 name. The first real motorcycle I turned a wrench or a throttle on was my fathers original fire breathing, widow making, Kawasaki 750 cc H2, and sitting beside it in the garage was a 500 cc H1. So, I admit to being a bit sceptical when word of the new Ninja H2 surfaced a while back, but after listening to the second clip, there may be hope for fans of the H2.

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