Kawasaki H2R claims about 300hp

October 1 2014

After lots of online teasers, Kawasaki has finally released details of the Ninja H2R supercharged superbike.

The Kawasaki Ninja H2R is a groundbreaking motorcycle in many respects, both for its manufacturer and for the industry. Although no specific horsepower claim has been made, press material puts it at “around 300”.

hr2photo1This sets precedent for a production motorcycle, however it’s important to note that the H2R is meant for “closed-course” use only, so if you were thinking of ripping up your local twisties, forget it; this beast is for the track only, as hinted by the lack of lights and slick tires.

It achieves its outrageous horsepower through the use of ¬†Kawasaki-built centrifugal supercharger. The engine is a 998 cc inline four, not unusual for Kawasaki, but what is unusual is the H2R’s steel trellis frame. It’s the first time the company has used this type of frame.

Another first for Kawasaki is the use of a single-sided swing arm. And those protrusions on either side of the fairing are not mirrors, they’re wings developed by Kawasaki’s aerospace division that reduce drag and enhance high-speed stability.

It’s unknown if the H2R will be available in Canada, but you can keep a tab on it here.


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