Riding The Honda NM4

October 27 2014

Motorcycle Mojo Magazine Rides The Honda NM4.

nm4_12971_1055matte_black_frontWith just a few days left in the 2014 riding season, Honda Canada surprised us with a chance to ride the 2015 NM4. For those of us who have accused Honda of being a tad reserved in their styling choices, here comes a motorcycle that is anything but. I can assure you that riding the NM4 will make you an instant conversation piece, and parking it will result in a mandatory question and answer period with bystanders. Spoiler Alert… I’ve never ridden a motorcycle like this, and I doubt you have either. In case you’re interested in doing some research, Honda Canada’s website already lists features, specs and pricing for this 2015 model. You can expect to see a recap of our time with the NM4 in an upcoming issue of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine.

01_2015_NM4_shield-1-HR 05_2015_NM4_dash-1-HR 06_2015_NM4_dash-2-HR 07_2015_NM4_dash-3-HR 08_2015_NM4_dash-4-HR 09_2015_NM4_back-rest-1-HR 15_2015_NM4_vent-HR 16_2015_NM4_back-lights-HR

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