Three new street bikes from Yamaha

October 18 2014

Yamaha has recently released information and pricing on three all-new street bikes.

The biggest news coming from Yamaha is the introduction of a small-displacement street bike, adding the tuning-fork company to the list of manufacturers offering sub-400 cc sporting motorcycles. Honda, Kawasaki have dominated the small sport bike market with the CBR250/300 and Ninja 300, and and most recently KTM has joined in with the RC390.

Bolt CafeYamaha’s 2015 R3 features a 320 cc, liquid-cooled parallel twin that produces 42 horsepower. It uses a 180-degree crankshaft and is counterbalanced to reduce vibration. The engine is mounted in a diamond type steel frame that uses a 41 mm fork and single shock to handle suspension duties. Claimed wet weight is 169 kg (372 lb).

It will be available in blue, redo or black with a retail price of $4,999.

A new variation of the Bolt will be available, called the C-Spec. This café-racer inspired Bolt will include low clip-on handlebars, a solo seat with seat cowl and a sportier riding position. The 2015 Bolt C-Spec will retail for $9,699, a $700 premium over the standard Bolt. The Bolt R-Spec continues to be in the 2015 line up.

SMAXFinally, Yamaha will add a new scooter to its line up, called the SMAX. At 155 cc, it will slot in between the smaller BWS125 and larger TMAX. It’s single-cylinder engine will be liquid cooled and fuel injected. At just $3,999 it will come in at just $100 more than the BWS.

You can find out more about these new machines, and upcoming new models at



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