High Seas Rally Cruise Needs Your Help

December 18 2014

The 2015 Western Caribbean High Seas Rally Cruise Needs Your Help.

We have received word that the 2015 High Seas Biker Rally is in jeopardy of being cancelled. According to organizer, Dean Anderson, a shortfall in reservations of approximately 300 couples for the 2015 cruise date is the obstacle. Motorcycle Mojo has been a long time supporter of the event and we had a great time once again in 2014. It would be a shame for the motorcycle community to miss out on the coming years event as the next one isn’t scheduled until 2017. Below you will find a press release from the organizers, with all of the details and information on how you can help to make this event a success in 2015.


 Book Today or this cruise may not happen.


This year’s 2015 Western Caribbean High Seas Rally cruise is also in serious doubt???


In the last 4 years we have had a series of medical (cancer, death of Debbie, my kidney transplant) lack of help at our office, 2 bad weather cruises in the Eastern Caribbean and my inability to travel to rallies (due to medical reasons) to promote and market these cruises has finally caught up to the 2015 rally cruise. Registered passengers #’s are down. Although most cruise agencies would be #1 for the year to have 900 passengers signed up a year in advance for a cruise…they don’t do half ship charters nor face my payments or penalties to the cruise line. Making that even tougher for me is the fact that with this new kidney I can’t risk over stressing myself traveling to rallies this coming year. So unless we can hit the #’s without doing the shows???

So, here’s what I’m getting to – We need a minimum 1500 passengers just to get our ship program approved by Royal Caribbean and 1800 to fill our reserved cabins. Without our biker changes, vendor area, giveaways and games, you would just be on a cruise and I couldn’t deliver on anything I promised. NOT MY STYLE.

I was hoping for a quick near sell out for 2015 to have 1 last big “blow-out” rally cruise that I would not have to travel to several rallies to promote and sell on the road, then skip 2016 and regroup for 2017. We (myself and Susan) can manage with a little patience from our passengers with just in-house paperwork but with just 900plus registered for 2015, that won’t happen without road shows and it’s a huge financial and credibility risk I just can’t take. Keep in mind – I pay for the cabins, sold or not. I’m holding space for 1800 passengers, that’s roughly 900 cabins. My penalty now is almost 6 figures and doubles after February if I don’t cancel before Jan 18.


Remember, there will be NO 2016 rally cruise. I expect but also cannot guarantee a 2017 rally cruise. That all depends on my heath and how successful this 2015 rally cruise is. There is always a possibility this year’s 2015 Western Caribbean rally could be our last??? I DO NOT WANT TO CANCEL!! So this is what I propose.

  • Passenger count must be at least 1500 by Jan.18 to get all our rally changes on the ship. Dress code, giveaway shows, parties, etc. per my contract. That’s approx.300 more couples – 300 more reservations we must have.
  • All new reservations: Since the scheduled $600 deposit is coming up Feb. 1st,   I’ll make this deposit you’re Feb. payment.  Then the next scheduled payment is May 1st.  So no need to come up with another $600 so soon. IF we DO NOT hit that minimum 1500 passenger mark – ALLdeposits including those made prior in the year and cabin raffle winners money won from the 2014 cruise will be 100% refunded prior to March 1stNo $$ risk to you if we do not hit that minimum mark.
  • If we are successful..the giveaway bikes for this year will be a 2015 Indian Vintage and a 2015 Harley Roadglide plus over $350,000 in cash and prizes.
  • And the 2015 registration page: https://www.highseasrally.com/cruise/WC15/content_pages/view/register_online   All new reservations must be made online. Cabin #’s will be reserved in the order they are received. You will receive an e-mail confirmation but not a mailed invoice until afterJan 15. So lets hope the show goes on for WC15.  Got a friend or family member that’s been procrastinating for years?? This may possibly be there last chance!!! Got my fingers crossed.  Its all in your hands now.

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