Ed and Rachel Traverse Canada in Winter

January 29 2015

Traversing Canada on Two Wheels in Winter.

During our western motorcycle show travels, we met a crazy British couple travelling across Canada to Newfoundland, then continuing to Argentina.

‘Uh, big deal.’ you say, ‘lots of people do that.’ Well, you would be correct. But lots of people don’t do it in the dead of winter, on Honda C90s.

When we last saw Ed March and Rachel Lasham at the Edmonton motorcycle show, they had already been to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, and were preparing to be leaving the area in a day or so. Many people called them crazy, myself included. They were warned of the extreme cold temperatures they would run into through the Prairies and Northern Ontario (I don’t think they believed us as Edmonton at the time was above zero).

Ed is no stranger to wacky travels on a C90. In 2011, he flew from England to Vietnam with the idea that he would ride the length of Vietnam on a C90. When someone said a C90 would never make it all the back to the UK, the challenge was on. One thing you don’t do is tell Ed that a C90 can’t do something.

From that eight-month ride came a very humourous DVD. The title says it all, Malaysia to UK with Ed March. One man – one camera – 14,500 miles – no idea. It’s from the sale of the DVD that Ed and Rachel are raising funds for their North and South American travels, along with PayPal donations through their website.

Check out c90adventures.co.uk. The website is far from fancy and glitzy, but it doesn’t need to be. What it does do is give you an idea of this twisted individual’s wicked sense of humour, his travels pre-Rachel, and the couple’s travels going forward. And it might entice you to buy the DVD to help them fund a new pair of long underwear, and the next stage of their insane, but fantastic travels.

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