Kawasaki H2R Unveiled in Calgary

January 8 2015

Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc. Unveiled the H2R in Calgary.

Motorcycle Mojo was present as Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc. unveiled the H2R at the Calgary Motorcycle show, which took place January 9 to 11. We all waited plenty long enough to see Kawasaki’s new flagship and it didn’t disappoint, reflecting the crowds enthusiasm in its mirror like, metallic chrome finish. The H2R was also present at the Edmonton and Vancouver Motorcycle shows, and will continue to make the rounds with the MMIC show circuit with stops in Quebec, Moncton, Toronto and Montreal. Log on to www.motorcycleshows.ca/ for show dates and locations. If you’re looking for a complete rundown of the H2 and the technology behind it, check out this link to the Canadian Kawasaki Motors website where you’ll find a nicely laid out model information booklet: www.kawasaki.ca/media/mig/2015/ninja_h2r/EN/

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