KTM Sets Record Sales in 2014

January 29 2015

KTM Reaches New Heights in 2014

Known for their “Ready To Race” product line, Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM has reached new heights in 2014 with total sales of 158,760 units. That puts them ahead of BMW as the largest selling bike manufacturer in Europe for the second year in a row. It should be said however that KTM’s totals are boosted slightly due to the inclusion of Husqvarna’s sales, and when compared to BMW’s product line, KTM’s best selling units are a little less expensive. Caveats aside, the boys in orange have done a bang-up job and their products dominate several categories, the most significant being the off-road and in particular, the enduro market, as was illustrated recently with KTM taking their 14th strait DAKAR win courtesy of Marc Corma.

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