Polaris Acquires Brammo

January 20 2015

Polaris Acquires Brammo Electric Motorcycles

Polaris Industries has once again shown great interest in the future of Brammo Electric Motorcycles. Back in 2011 Polaris invested 28 million dollars in Brammo Inc. with the hopes that they would establishing a broad dealer base and continue to develop their product. The product from Brammo has certainly taken several steps forward since then, however dealers are hard to find and sales have not taken off.

With this acquisition, Polaris will now take over manufacturing responsibilities with production to begin in the second half of 2015 at their Spirit Lake, Iowa plant. Brammo will now focus exclusively on R&D and integration of EV powertrain technology, with Polaris being the benefactor of future developments. Sounds like we could see a few more electric vehicles from Polaris in the future. At the moment, Brammo is the only electric motorcycle manufacturer to offer a traditional manual gearbox with clutch, a feature that may attract buyers looking for the feel of a traditional motorcycle with the benefits of electric power.

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