Lawrence Hacking’s Grand Prix De Mud

February 5 2015

Lawrence Hacking’s Grand Prix De Mud.

The recent success of Lawrence Hacking’s Overland Adventure Rally event in Campbellville, Ontario has demonstrated there’s a demand for events that allow riders to get their bikes and themselves a bit dirty. With that in mind, Mr. Hacking has brought together a group of sponsors and organizers to put on a new event for 2015.

The Grand Prix De Mud (GPdM) motorcycle event will take place on Saturday, June 27th at the Mohawk Inn in Campbellville, Ontario. GPdM is largely designed to appeal to the vintage dirt bike crowd, however everyone is welcome on any machine. The Grand Prix de Mud is a fun, social event that is easy for everyone who likes motorcycles to participate in.

“ The Overland Adventure Rally demonstrated that events such as this can be integrated into a community like Campbellville and the Mohawk Inn and Conference Centre. We can realize a great deal of success for all parties, the participants love the atmosphere, great food and amenities offered by the Mohawk, the sponsoring dealerships like the close proximity to their stores and the Mohawk Inn and Chop House owners love the business,” said event organizer Lawrence Hacking.

Sasquatch Cycle Vintage motocross racing, the Southwest Vintage Trials Group and Dualsport Plus have all jumped on board to help support the event and lend their considerable expertise in organizing and running events such as this.

For an event of this nature it was important to secure a title sponsor that had an appreciation for the sports history and its future. “We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be involved in the GPdM,” said Husqvarna Canada’s marketing associate and international enduro rider Victoria Hett.“ With Husky’s strong tradition, and rich history in Canada, this event is a perfect fit for us. We are excited not only to bring in a Husqvarna racing legend, but also to compete in the event ourselves! The event promises to be a unique and fun motorcycle adventure for the whole family.”

Husqvarna racing legend you say?

That’s where Husqvarna Canada stepped up to ensure the participation of a very special guest but it is too early to announce who that will be.” said Sasquatch Cycle’s spokesperson, Heather Collis. “ We are talking to a very well-known former World Motocross Champion and factory Husqvarna rider at this stage but we cannot confirm that person’s attendance quite yet,” she continued. “This person has the date free, his terms are quite reasonable and Husqvarna has generously agreed to cover the travel expenses, it is simply a matter of putting pen to paper.”

For more information on the GPdM please visit or and look under events.

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