Zaeta Arrives in Canada

April 14 2015

Zaeta Motorcycles of Italy now available in North America…

You could be forgiven if the name Zaeta isn’t familiar as a maker of fine motorcycles, as their specialty is not high-volume production. Their niche was not carved out of consumer demand or boardroom brainstorming; Their’s is a creation born of competition and a passion for the motorcycle in its simplest form, and it’s now available here in Canada.

Zaeta is the brainchild of company Chairman, Paolo Chiaia, and Graziano Rossi, father of the legendary Valentino Rossi. In 2008 the pair spoke of a motorcycle that could be used to train Moto GP riders, allowing them to master bike control on loose surfaces. A simple motorcycle that provided maximum power and handling in the most basic of forms: A frame, two wheels and a powerful motor. With the help of three-time UK and two-time European Flat Track Champion, Marco Belli, and under the technical guidance of Andrea Andreani, the Zaeta 530 flat track racer began to take shape.

Some 5 years after the concept was born, and having competed and won races on the world stage, Zaeta has now developed road-going versions of their potent flat track race bike dubbed the 530DT and 530SE (Special Edition), which have just been made available here in Canada and the U.S.A. by distributor, Motorsports Canada Ltd.

There are three models available, all of which feature billet aluminum frames, inverted Marzocchi forks, Ohlins rear mono-shock, Brembo brakes and a TM 530 cc single cylinder engine (TM is an Italian manufacturer who specializes in making some of the most amazing motorcycles never to see our shores.) The 530DT is the road legal, base model and retails at $23,500.00, the same price as the race model. The 530SE retails at $32,500.00, with a host of visual upgrades, like the gold anodized frame, Rizoma mirrors, carbon fenders and much more. Promising almost 60 hp in street trim and weighing in at a around 250 lbs, these bikes are going to offer owners incredible performance capabilities…and I say owners because no one in their right mind should lend one of these to a friend for a test ride, unless I’m that friend, in which case don’t worry about it. You can trust me:)

Visit for info, specs and availability on all the Zaeta models.

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