Victory’s Project 156

May 20 2015

Victory Racing to the Clouds

Victory’s Project 156 has been building momentum in preparation for this year’s Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, and the debut of their one-off custom race bike. It’s an all American team with Roland Sands and RSD doing the chassis and construction, Victory supplying a prototype motor and Don Canet of Cycle World at the controls on race day.

The campaign is being rolled out, piece-by-piece in the form of teaser videos on the Victory Youtube channel and on their Facebook page. In true American Hot Rod fashion, it appears there’s going to be a big honkin’ hood scoop, or should we say, tank scoop for Mr. Canet to rest his chin on, should he have time to do so. And there’s more.

The latest video also reveals a bit more detail about the engine and bike design, as well as showing off what at first look like dyno power curves in the background of one scene. Of course, upon closer inspection, they are just temp readings and run times. With all the product Polaris has rolling and sliding around these days, they could have at least thrown something on the dyno and shown some torque figures, if for no other reason than to get us media types speculating wildly.

Mind you we don’t really need much in the way of fuel for speculation and we’ve got plenty already so lets give it a go: Victory is likely to be running in the Open Motorcycle Category, and as such will be up against bikes producing almost 200 hp, maybe more. Parent company Polaris is on a serious roll right now, and I’d be surprised if they’re intending to finish mid-pack after generating all this hoopla. So if that’s the case, and the assumption that the motor is based on the Indian Scout power plant of 1133 cc, is true, it might be safe to say they’ve increased the displacement a touch and boosted compression. So what kind of numbers are we talking in terms of power and weight?  I’d love to hear what you guys think so let me know in the comments below.

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